Doberman Obedience Training

Doberman Obedience training is another fundamental part of raising a happy and well mannered Dobe. Once they have learned to follow a certain command, it would be easier for dog owners to control their pets and maintain order in the household. It is not necessary to enroll your Dobes in a training camp. Naturally Dobermans posses an uncanny intelligence that make them trainable. Here are some rules when you start Doberman training at home:

1. Choose the best time and place.

Since it’s better to start your Doberman Pinscher Obedience training while the dog is still a pup, choose a place and time when there is minimal distraction. Young puppies are curious and easily distracted. Find a place and time convenient for you as long as the surrounding offers little distraction.

2. Start with basic Commands.

You can start teaching your Dobes with basic and useful commands. Examples of basic commands are: Come, Sit, Lie Down, Stay, and Fetch. When these commands are mastered, it is easier to teach them advance commands like tricks and more complex words such as ‘up’, ‘spin’, and ‘bed’.

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3. Reinforce the positive behavior.

Giving reinforcements like praises, food treats or patting would let the dog know that what he has done is right. When you offer reinforcement you have to be consistent and make sure they are given after the dog has obeyed the command. Do not give positive reinforcement when the dog’s performance is lacking. This would result to sloppy obedience.

4. Never Punish for mistakes.

Negative behavior should be trained out as early as possible. One way to correct a wrong action is giving a firm “NO”. Studies have shown that Doberman don’t react positively to physical punishment.  This would lead to mistrust and feeling of insecurity.

5. Be consistent.

Consistency in giving commands and reinforcement is the foundation of Doberman Obedience training. When you use the word “sit” for sitting, avoid using other terms like “sit down” or “down” when you talk to your dog. Using different words will lead to confusion. In addition, orient your household about the words that you have used as commands. Also, teach them how to correct your puppy’s undesirable behaviors.

6. Done on a Daily Basis.

Doberman training should be done on a daily basis for about 5 to 10 minutes.  Make sure that your dog isn’t bored all throughout. You can play with your Dobes while you’re teaching. Doberman are highly energetic breeds, they get easily bored and bored Doberman can be unhappy and destructive.

Obedience lesson isn’t limited on teaching the basic commands. When your Dobe shows unruly behavior, you have to curb them out. That’s the real obedience training. Like, if you see him chewing your shoes, give your pup a firm ‘NO’ and offer his toy. This way they will know what’s unacceptable.  Include your family in the training, this will ensure consistency and uniformity. You should always be in control.
Untrained puppy will to a destructive and unmanageable Doberman.

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