Doberman Pinscher Training

Doberman Pinscher Training

Dogs are a men’s best friend.  The Doberman’s intelligence, bravery and loyalty has earned them positions of Guard and Police dogs. Yet, today they are stereotyped as aggressive and menacing dogs because many dog owners lack the knowledge on how to train them. This article will give you information on successful Doberman training.

Doberman owners want their dogs to posses the same cultured manner as those K9 dogs they see walking elegantly beside the cops. However, when they have a puppy in hand, what they have are little monsters which have the habit of chewing shoe laces, pooping around the house and barking noisily. So Dobe owners end up cleaning their feces, following behind their mess and tying them up in the backyard. As guard dogs, they serve their purpose better when they are unleashed. Training a Doberman will mold your dog to be your companion, house dog and guard at the same time.

Dobes, however, have a reputation of being aggressive and hostile to strangers. We will rectify that by training a Doberman Pinscher as early as possible. Like humans, dogs learn from the moment they are born. So it’s easier to start as a puppy.  At first, their life is just their mother, then they learn to feed when hungry. Once they are sent to their new homes, they have learned vast amount of things. Hopefully, the Dobe comes from a good breeder that they know how to take care of puppies.

Once you have the puppy at home. Doberman Dog training should be easier than training other kinds of dog. They are ranked one of the most intellectual and trainable breeds among the dogs. The success however lies on the trainer. Be honest. Do you have the patience for training a dog? Training them to obey takes more than a day. You have to stay calm and in control all throughout. You can never be too excited nor lose your temper and do something stupid.

Doberman training also include giving positive rewards like treats and praises. Doberman’s don’t like to be punished. Aside from that, it is good to expose your Doberman pup behind closed doors as early as possible. This will lessen the Dog’s hostility towards humans and other pets.

Remember that there’s no need to lock up these dogs. They can be sociable when properly trained. Doberman training should be enjoyable to the owner as well. To show them protection and love, in return they will offer love and protection to their owners. Once a Doberman is trained, you will find it to your advantage having a well mannered dog. Isn’t it nice to ask your Doberman to fetch the news paper instead of you cleaning the chewed newspaper they’ve left behind?

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