Doberman Potty Training

Dog training includes potty training. Doberman Potty Training starts when the you bring your pets at home. If you have no idea on how to start your potty training, here are some steps on potty training:

1. Select the best place for Potty Training.

The dog usually finds the best place for them to poop. If you notice on the first few days, your Doberman puppy voids and defecates away from their play, sleeping and feeding area. However, if you find the area not to your liking, take a close watch and simply take the puppy outdoors when they start to poop indoors. Always bring your puppy to a one specific place where you want them to peep and poop. It could be in one corner of your grass lawn or behind a big tree. Once they have established it as their ‘bathroom’ corner, the next time you bring them there, it would give them the idea that it’s potty time and stimulate their urge as well.

2. Create a potty schedule.

As the puppy poops and peeps all day, look for a pattern. Usually, they do it after they eat or when they are resting from a vigorous play. When you have picked up the pattern you can take the dog outside to their potty place and allow them 5 to 10 minutes to do their thing. There would be times when the puppy wouldn’t defecate during these hours, don’t skip the schedule, keep it as a daily routine and your Dobe will learn to poop on those times.

3. Provide Positive feedback.

Always give positive reinforcement like praises whenever they have pooped and peeped at their potty area. While they are on the process of learning, praise them as often as necessary. Once they have well established the routine, you can lessen giving positive feedback gradually. Accidents could happen, and it’s normal. Never punish your puppy because of it. You don’t expect your puppy to learn potty training within two or 3 days, it usually takes weeks to perfect it. In case of mistakes, get the poop and transfer it to the potty area. Let your puppy see what you are doing, this will give them the understanding that the poop should be placed on the potty area only. Clean the area properly so that the puppy wouldn’t smell their poop and wouldn’t poop there again.

4. Observe you Doberman Closely.

Look for signs that would indicate you that the puppy wants to pee or poop. This could be in a form of jumping through door knobs, wriggling beside you or walking and running in circles. Once you’ve gotten the clue, it will be easier for you to anticipate and understand the puppy’s needs.

Doberman Pinscher Potty training isn’t done overnight. But it takes patience and effort into it. The sweat pays though. Remember, a well potty trained dog keeps the stench away!

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