Doberman Puppy Training

Doberman Training is best started while the dog is still a puppy. The best age for training Doberman Puppies is about when its 7 weeks old. By then, the puppy is already weaned and it’s independent from its mother. The most basic concepts the owners need to train the puppies are Authority, socialization and habits. Imposing these critical concepts would make Doberman training easier in the long run.

Authority. Training a Doberman puppy starts by establishing who’s in authority, if it’s clear to the puppies, discipline would be much easier. While they are in their nest, mother Dobermans impose authority by snarling or growling. The young pups see this as a sort of discipline and they behave. For dog owners, “NO” would suffice followed by a positive reinforcement after the desired behavior is achieved. Avoid using physical punishments as a form of discipline. Authority could also be imposed by cuddling and stroking the puppy and giving them their needs. This would gain the puppy’s trust and respect. It is best to impose authority based on trust and respect than pain-inflicting type of punishment.

Socialization. Dobermans, though aggressive in behavior, can be sociable. Puppies are like sponge, they absorb everything in their environment. You can start exposing them to strangers and other dogs at a very young age. If you put them in the same situation all the time, they would get familiar with it. This is how you train them to be friendly to other people and animals. However, make sure to keep a safe environment when you expose your young puppy to children. Keep the puppy well secured and there’s an adult watching them. Never allow any child or stranger to strike the puppy, this would leave a great impact on the puppy and would develop a mistrust on people.

Forming Habits. Puppyhood is the most critical period for dogs. Provide a daily routine that is convenient for both the dog and the owner. You can start the puppy’s day by walking him out or feeding him. Be consistent and spontaneous, once the puppy has established the routine the dog will carry it out throughout his Dog life. If the Doberman pup has shown a dislikable habit, provide discipline. For example, if the puppy is walking ahead of you, just lightly tug them back at your side. It is also important to give positive rewards such as praise and stroking once they’ve followed an order. Positive reinforcement motivates the pup to keep on pleasing you. Another example is biting and chewing. It’s normal for Dobe pups to bite. It’s their means of exercising their jaw muscles. Discipline them by saying “No” and provide them appropriate toys to redirect their biting and chewing.

Training a Doberman puppy is easier when you have these three concepts established in your puppies. Always keep in mind that the things your puppy is doing now, are the things that they would probably do when they’re full grown dogs. Hence, correct all the unwanted behavior your dog shows while he’s still a puppy.

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