Stop Doberman Aggression

Stop Doberman Aggression

Aggressive behaviors can be in the form of Barking, Growling, Biting or Snarling. These are signs that your dog has perceived a threat. Yet, these threats could also just be false alarms. If you want to Stop Doberman Aggression, we have to teach them how to behave. An untrained Doberman would act on a threat on their own. To avoid causing damage here are some guidelines on how to stop Doberman Pinscher Aggression:

1. Identify and Remove the Cause.

Dogs don’t bark, snarl or growl without reason. These reasons could include strangers lurking in your backyard, your dog is unhappy or he is hurt. This is their way of conveying that something is wrong. We have to identify the cause and intervene properly. As long as the cause is present, the aggressive behavior continues.

2. Socialize with Strangers and Other Dogs.

If you want to have a friendly Doberman, we have to start exposing them to people and other Dogs while they are young. Do not do it abruptly but gradually. The more they see people and other animals, the more they get familiar and comfortable. Just make sure that they will not be physically hurt in the process. Painful experience will cause trauma and will lead them to mistrust other people.

3. Do Not Punish Physically.

All Doberman training discourages physical punishment. Inflicting pain to a Doberman will not correct their bad behavior. But rather, when you hit them, it makes them more aggressive as a way to protect itself from you. Instead of training them, you make them lose their trust and become wary in the process. Dobes react based on how you treat them. Aggressive and hostile Dobermans are usually product of abuse and poor handling.

4. Provide Play.

Dobermans are active and lively breed. They become aggressive and destructive when bored. Provide your Dobe with daily exercise, stimulating games or train them new tricks. This way their energy is well spent on healthy activities than destructive behavior. Do not tie them up or isolate them for too long. They’ll feel neglected and unhappy.

5. Keep a Leash While in Public.

Unexpected events happen while in public. It is always possible that a stranger would provoke your dog and retaliate in return. To make it safe, leash your dog when you take them for a walk or play in the park. In cases where you are expecting guests or house parties, secure your Dobe in his crate. This way, you’re protecting your dog from unwanted assaults and your guests as well.

6. Teach him the ‘Stop’ Command.

Doberman training includes teaching them to obey to certain commands. Train your dog to obey commands. But do not forget to check the cause of the aggression first. If he is barking, acknowledge his barks first before you stop it. You talk to your dog for a while before you command him to stop. This way, you allow the dog to communicate to you and that you appreciate his warning.