Stop Doberman Biting

Instead of using their paws, dog uses their mouth to explore. They use their tongue and mouth to touch and feel things they are trying to investigate. However, if this habit extends to their owners and household things, it’s harmful. Here is some information to help owners to stop Doberman Biting.

It’s easier to stop Doberman Pinscher biting if we have understanding why they do it. One reason is that they are taken from their mothers too early. As a baby puppy, they lick and bite their mother as a way of touch. If they have bitten too hard, a mother Doberman growls, barks or leave them. This action makes the puppy understand that biting is no good and as a result, he would stop biting. If he’s taken too early from its nest, there is no chance for the puppy to learn this lesson.

Another reason is because the owners themselves allow them to bite and lick their hand. Unlike people, Dobermans aren’t aware how powerful their jaw and teeth are.  It’s cute when they do it while they are puppies, but when they grow up, it’s injurious. To avoid future damage we should curb this habit while they are puppies.

We could stop Doberman biting by training them while they are young. Biting usually starts from licking. So once they lick your hand, immediately divert their attention. However, when they already have biting habit, the easiest technique to stop them is by making a noise and withdrawing your hand when they bite you. The sound would startle the dog indicating that you are hurt. This mimics the form of communication between Mother Doberman and  puppy Dobe. Yet, we do not have to growl and bark like dogs do. You could use the word “Ouch” to make it more verbal. DO NOT tolerate your puppy to bite you even if you are not hurt. Therefore, say “Ouch” even if it’s not painful, this would indicate that you are hurt and you don’t want the puppy to do it again. Little by little this would make the Doberman stop biting.

It is unhealthy to stop them totally from biting. Doberman are very playful breed. A bored Doberman is an unhappy dog. Yet they are smart enough to amuse themselves with other things like chewing things. We can avoid this display of damaging actions by offering chew toys. Avoid giving them toys that resembles your household items like piece of wool. When they see one in the house, they might mistake your blankets as toys. You can give them soft balls, silicon bones and cubes. Choose a toy with food treats inside. This would keep them from chewing your wooden furniture and shoes when they’ve found out that they would get nothing from chewing them.

We can stop Doberman biting when you constantly train them. Never allow them to bite your hand and divert their attention when they start licking it.  Offer appropriate and mind-stimulating toys to fill their boredom. Be firm, rigid yet with a loving and caring touch.

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