Stop Doberman Jumping

Jumping is normal for dogs. This is how they greet and be friendly to people. However, this act sometimes annoys and harms people. Dogs continue to jump on you, unless they are taught not to do so. Stop Doberman jumping by curbing this habit while they’re young. But always keep these rules in mind during Doberman training:

Rule 1: Ignore the Behavior.

One effective tactic for learning how to stop Doberman Pinscher from Jumping is to ignore it. Once they jump on you, act like a post. This will discourage them from jumping since they get nothing form it. Do not look at them, nor tug them down. Any attention, negative or positive, is still attention. Your Doberman will welcome it and continues to jump on you. You could also ignore the behavior by doing other things. Example, when you enter the door and the Dobe makes an attempt to jump on you, ignore the jumping by closing the door or putting your shoes on the rack. However, once they are down give them your attention and praise them.

Rule 2: Use Commands like: “Sit” or “Down”.

It is important to imprint to your dogs to obey simple commands. This will make Doberman Training easier.  Once they are acquainted with the ‘Sit’ or ‘Down’ command. This will redirect their attention into following the command rather than jumping. Make sure to give praises or pat them when  your command is followed.

Rule 3: Give positive Reinforcement.

The secret to Doberman training is by giving positive reinforcement when your puppy is displaying the desired behavior. Once they are on their feet, make sure to give them attention and praises. This would tell them that you prefer greeting them when they are at their heels than when they are jumping.

Rule 4: Do Not Use your Hands.

Never use your hands when you try to stop Doberman jumping. We usually use our hands to block their paws, but this will only encourage them to jump. They jump because are excited. If you use your hands, they might mistake this gesture as a play. Instead of raising your hands and arms forward, wrap your hands close around your body in a hugging fashion or in areas you want to protect.

Rule 5: Do Not Use your Knees.

Some Doberman Training books would say that we could use our knee to block the dog followed by a “No!” command. This is sometimes effective but they can cause harm to the puppies. They might jump so hard and crack their bones in our knees.

Rule 6: Never Punish.

Bear in mind that your puppy’s jumping is a positive action. It would hurt your puppy if their show of affection is rewarded with punishment. In any Doberman training, never use physical punishment to teach them. They do not respond positively when they are physically harmed.

Your Doberman jumps because they are happy and enthusiastic. However, this show of affection is disapproving to most dog owners. Therefore, while we train them to Stop Doberman make sure to meet their needs. They want your attention, so give them attention.  Ignore the jumping and not the puppy. Give them time, love and care in return of their affection.

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